The Dark Grove

The Dark Grove is a mostly forested area with a couple small farms. The Grove is on the edge of Bremenfeld near Alfheim. The Dark Grove Circle community of druids is based there. there are six druid and about twenty others in the Dark grove.

the druids are:

  • Analeeth Starshine is the head Druid. In addition to being the religious leader, she is very knowledgeable on plants and their various uses. She is active in making sure the community’s crops fare well.
  • Master Emrys is the instructor. He teaches the Druidic arts to new adepts. He is currently instructing two young teens, Aglior Swiftwind and Taur mac Conchoban.
  • Gwynrydd Silverbirch is the loremaster. He took over the role from Cerdan Cullyll. Cerdan passed away three years ago of old age.
  • Master Emrys is the instructor. He teaches the Druidic arts to new adepts. He is currently instructing two young teens, Aglior Swiftwind and Taur mac Conchoban.
  • Bedwyr Cornog is the best druid in the Circle for dealing with animals. He often spends more time with them than with humans.
  • Merwyn Oaklocks is a weather expert. Her forecasts are amazingly accurate. Merwyn plays the bodhran drum.

In addition to the Druids the community includes;

  • Ellavor is an elven Star Mage. He is from Alfheim. He has lived in Dark Grove for more than thirty years. He participates in the community, but sometimes disappears for long stretches. Ellavor maintains a small astronomy “station” on top of Turkey Knoll, a small treeless hill in the Dark Grove. Ellavor is whimsical. He is also and excellent lyre player, he frequently accompanies Merwyn, Larnath, and Kurg.
  • Cynwulf is a former soldier in the Bremenfeld army. He is a master of the spear and short sword. The Dark Grove usually isn’t threatened, but hwen they are Cynwulf rises to the challenge. He patrols with Fergus, Daveth, Bryok, and Kenret.
  • Larnath is the primary farmer for the Dark Grove. His fields are small, but with the Druids assistance, they provide plenty for the community. His sons Kurg and Connell work in the fields with him. Larnath plays the flute.
  • Kurg is Larnath’s oldest son. He is married to Fionna. They have a toddler named Evor. Kurg plays the lute.
  • Connell is Larnath’s younger son. He works hard on the farm, but talks about leaving the community and going to one of the larger towns, like Huntingford.
  • Fravic is a gnome. He maintains a small orchard of apple and cherry trees.
  • Morgana is a weaver. Her husband, Benn, keeps bees and makes mead and ale.They have a son and a daughter, Darcy (age 9) and Arilla (age 8).
  • Maugan takes care of the community’s four cows and six goats.
  • Friddwist and his wife Phanna are a gnomes from Delver’s Dale. They work on leather goods.They are resolute about not killing animal unnecessarily just for their hides. Phanna also repairs some of the few mechanical devices in the Grove (wagons, spinning wheels, etc.)
Starting Characters

Starting Stats:
Points to allocate among primary characteristics = 96 (or if you feel lucky, 1d10+89)
PC = 8
XP = 16,000
max rank for any 1 skill/spell = 6
Speak Saxon (common) Rank 6 to start – no xp cost
Speak your racial language if not human = Rank 6 at no xp cost
If you belong to a magic college you may select up to 6 Special Knowledge spells to start with

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