Welcome to the Midfell Campaign!

Midfell is a continent bordering the Barren Sea. Geographically it is a large continent divided roughly into three sections by an almost impassable Y shaped mountain range.

The human led Kingdom is called Bremenfeld and covers a small portion of the southeast section of Midfell. Bremenfeld is a late Dark Ages/Early Middle Ages society, and it is run by King Eboric I from his capital at Dunberg. Other moderate-sized towns include Brandon, Huntingford, and Wildervale.

Nearby Bremenfeld are other humanoid kingdoms: Alfheim (Elven King Galinor), Dhurgrim (Dwarven King Bodin Stonebeard), West Willowby (Halfling Headman Harding Headstrong), Delver’s Dale (Gnomish Queen Morran), and Ur Krag (Orcish King Zog). They more or less get along and trade, but there are occasional disputes.

A mountain pass leads north from Bremenfeld to the Suarime Kingdom of Kaa-Yu, led by Queen Amancotta. The capital is Akmar, and prisoners have mentioned an “Urfu”, but other than that little is known. The Suarime and other humanoids do not get along, and there have been many wars fought over control of the Pass of the Fallen.

The southwestern section of Midfell is called “The Wildlands” and is largely a mystery. There is no known pass through the mountains to this area. Coastal fishermen have ventured part way along the coast and reported strange creatures, but they dared not go ashore. No known person has explored the Wildlands and returned to tell the tale…


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